Made a map today, and it turned out really nice. It was made entirely from scratch in Photoshop, and it has kind of a minimalistic design. No mountains or forests. I suppose you could consider it a political map.

Here it is.

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A bit of history, now. The Eledrian Empire, the red nation, is the dominant power of the region. All the others have become vassal states to them, except for the tribal Wayu in the south. They fight for what little land they still retain. The green/purple island to the right is a nation that is in the middle of a cold civil war following a bloody decade of fighting.

In the top right is the ruins of an old kingdom known as Heiran. It's long since been plundered and abandoned, and the area around it has steadily grown more and more inhospitable. The Arthans live to the south of the old Heiran ruins. Lastly, the Korians inhabit two relatively small islands in the bottom right. Their distance from the Eledrians allows them more freedom than their fellow vassals, and as a result any who are displeased with their Eledrian taskmasters go there. Rumor has it a rebellion may be in the works there, but it's still in the early stages.

The Eledrians themselves are similar to our own Roman Empire. Their military might keeps all in check. They fight the Wayu in the south, but due to the guerilla tactics of the tribesmen, little headway is being made.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the map! It was certainly fun to make