So, it's seems this would be the right forum to post this:

I am new, both here and to mapping software in general. I am currently using Campaign Cartographer 3 with the Dungeon Designer 3 and Symbol Set 2 add-ons. I've had some success in making overland maps which don't -entirely- disappoint me (although I'm still working on it), and just tonight started on my first dungeon map (which may be used for an online RPG campaign, if I can get all the details sorted out).

Which brings me to my question: I was attempting to make a map of a sewer system which had become connected to a catacomb. Anyway, I was trying to map a network of tunnels, about 10 feet wide; 5 feet on one side is solid ground, and the other 5 feet is a canal, a little more than 5 feet deep, through which runs a stream of murky water.

Now, I have the basic map, and I was at the point where I was trying to establish effects. I have it all working except I cannot quite figure out how to make the water look right-- or, rather, how to make half the floor lower than the other.

I thought I had come to a solution when I divided the hallway into two different floor styles and placed one of these floor styles on a "FLOOR2" sheet. I then gave this a bevel effect, expecting that it would appear to bevel down to the regular "FLOOR" sheet, and this appear to be a deep canal. No such luck-- I can see a bit of the bevel at the junction with the wall, but it still looks like my water is riding on top of my floor. I type this, I realize I may have just figured out what went wrong with my first attempt. But I will post this nevertheless, in case anybody else has suggestions on how to make canals in DD3.