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    I am new to this site, long time fantasy enthusiast and writer. I have been drawing maps of the past but have recently been using Photoshop CS 5 and 6 as well as Photoshop elements. I am used to these programs as I am a professional photographer, however, I am new to such things as cartography on these programs. So I am hear to learn as much as I can.

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    Welcome to the Guild Belial! Well having the software and knowing how to use it means that you are already halfway there. There are tons of great map-making walk-throughs for PS in various styles in the Tutorials section, so get to know if pretty well. Also, have a look at the finished maps section and especially at the Cartographers Choice section, as you will find a lot of inspiration there. Once you begin working on a piece, throw up a WIP and you'll be sure to elicit feedback from the community. Look forward to seeing your work.


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