Hello, I am new to this site and would love to inquire about somethings in creating maps. If there are tutorials upon these subjects, which I am sure that there is somewhere a point in the right direction to these would be helpful.
To the point at hand. I interested in creating maps with either photoshop CS 5 or 6 but at the moment I am using elements 11, which isn't bad but I prefer the in depth of CS 5 and 6.
Well I must say that I have seen some delectable maps on here and I am wondering in how to get say the geographical looking mountains, forests and the like as well as a closer look of the mountains, forests and swamps ect..
For say the forests deserts and the like I am sure on a geographical view one would use such gradients and texturing for the forests and deserts, but what eludes me is the detailed mountain ranges for this geographical view point. How would one achieve this by say a way of texture or other form?
Also would there be photoshop brush sets available on here for download in regards to say forests, mountains and hills? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also if one can point me in the way of such tutorials and or downloads this to would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance..