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    Mennin's Hallow is a secluded and hidden community in the Uzuid Mountains. It was founded by a cleric named Mennin who understood early the necessity of quarantine. He brought a few people he trusted with him and settled in a village of the diminutive mountain hillfolk. The lowlanders brought with them more advanced techniques in milling, farming, and manufacture to supplement the hill peoples' goat-herding economy.

    The village grew haphazardly, with little planning of layout beyond the construction of a dam across the spring to get more power for the new mill. The current population is about 280 people, 60 or so of whom are the indigenous hillfolk who resemble the stoutlings from the other side of the mountains. The farms and goats only barely support the village, leaving little surplus to trade and thus little reason for contact with the outside world. The Hallow depends on its isolation to protect it from illness.

    The Hallow is currently governed by Mennin's second son, who serves as mayor and justicer, with six officers under him. Tradespeople include a chandler, charcoaler, three cobblers, furrier, mason, two metalsmiths, miller/baker, ostler, physician, two tailors, tavern, weaver, and two woodcrafters.

    C&C greatly appreciated.
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