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Thread: Underdeeps Map for Dwarven Kingdoms

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    Map Underdeeps Map for Dwarven Kingdoms [Completed]

    Good afternoon.

    We are in the process of bringing a new project to KickStarter, and the Team would like to transform our internal map of the Deeps into something beautiful for our fans.

    Here are the details on the request:

    Paid: Please e-mail us at Academagia ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com to discuss commission.

    Time Constraints
    Ideally, this would be complete in one week.

    We are open to fantasy styles in general.

    Description of Maps
    Our map depicts the major settlements, caverns, rivers, features and tunnel systems of the Upper Deeps. This is the information which our players will need, although how it is presented will be up to you, as a map-maker.

    Quality & Size
    We would prefer Professional, but can accept semi Professional.
    We have no specific size requirements- the artist may use their discretion for what is necessary to portray the map to best effect.

    We will have copyright of the map, and will allow the artist to exhibit the image as part of their portfolio.
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    you should probably post a link to your games kickstarter.
    considering this by the way

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    Thanks for the advice- the KickStarter is unreleased; we'd like to have this map feature into our presentation, in fact.

    If you are interested in working on it, by all means, please contact us at the e-mail address above.

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