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    I really didn't know what to put as the title. Hi, I chose WoroRelu as a name because it seemed fairly issue-free and wasn't tied to anyone else as far as I could determine. I'm a community college student who is finishing up transfer to a 4 year university as a Geography major, preferably in some form of integrated geography study, but if not I'll likely focus on either GIS/Remote Sensing or physical geography. I've always loved maps, but it's only until recently I've been exposed to the study of geography as an academic field, and when I accidentally earned my Associates in it, I figured it's obviously interesting enough for me to keep studying. Other than that, my interests include music (I used to play clarinet in both classical and jazz settings in high school and early college), Gaming of the video game and tabletop/larp kind, and reading - though I mostly restrict myself to various genres of fantasy, and outside of that almost exclusively to fiction.

    As I stated in my biography in my profile, I've decided to pick up fantasy/fictional cartography to combine both my interests in gaming and fantasy literature, and the techniques, concepts, and experience I pick up as a geography major - ideally this will let me focus on my interests and develop skills or understanding that is applicable to my professional career down the road. I don't normally write this formally (though I do tend to write long walls of text - I'm sorry), but I have a bad habit of trying to come off more educated/intelligent than I am, so sorry if this annoys anyone - I'm aware I can sound pretentious sometimes.

    I've admired the community and lurked on and off since I was 16 (I'm now days away from being 22), so that hopefully says something great about the Guild as a whole, and the esteem with which I hold you all.

    _Edit_ I forgot to mention - I suck at drawing, and have kind of a personal issue with it as a result, so most of my work will likely be utilizing ProFantasy's software (I impulse-bought CC3 and FT3). I have experience in utilizing Adobe's Creative Suite (4 years study in highschool and then 3 years tutoring both college and high school students) but as I am not a pirate nor financially well off, I only have GIMP and Inkscape available to me on my personal machine. One thing I'm having difficulty with is independently moving the direction points on an anchor point, as I don't know the keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys for Inkscape.
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