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I'm starting this thread to post and discuss blogs, books, articles, magazines, etc. that are interesting in regards to mapping, geographic study, and other related disciplines (geology, history of exploration, etc.) I'll just post my top 3 right now, and I'll likely edit later to give them better descriptions when I've gathered my thoughts again.

First is Floating Sheep - floatingsheep
Description: Mapping geo-coded information from social sites (Twitter), in relation to interesting, current, or just entertaining topics.

Second is The Atlantic Cities - The Atlantic Cities
Description: Web-based magazine on urban planning and community growth. A publication of Atlantic Media Company.

Finally is Geography: A Very Short Introduction, by John A. Mathews and David T. Herbert TinyURL.com - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL
Description: A fine small book with a decent broad view of Geography as a field of study, and focused on advocating integrative geography. Packed with good general information, and influential on my decision to be a Geography major.