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Thread: Map needed for Story use.

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    Wip Map needed for Story use.

    I am working on a series of short stories and possibly novels based on a world that i have imagined. I am also designing an RPG based on the world my stories are centered around. I have poor map making skills, and I dislike my map making software's look. I have an idea of what i would like my world to look like, and am willing to design the world in Hexographer so that whoever is willing to take me up on my offer has a template to work off of.

    I will pay based off of the final work and if it suits my needs. The pay can either be a straight up amount or if i am able to publish, the artist will be compensated based off of any royalties i make, or a combination of the two. However, since the design of the map will be based off of the design i submit, any royalties and fees paid are merely a compensated "Thanks", i would still like to maintain rights to my world, but artistic credit will still be mentioned. (Talent + time is worth something to me).

    A link to a current map i am working on is here

    It is not completed, due to me not liking Hexographer's texting options, so forests and whatnot are not named. Of course, i do not want to discourage any creativity on the part of the Artist. If the artist wishes to add small details to certain areas he is welcome to run it by me, the more work and effort put into the design will increase my appreciation and the value of the work. The world in my head is dying to be released. it has lived too long in it's captive slumber.

    Style: Similar to map 4 (Harn) on this site

    I would be eventually commissioning the following types of maps:
    World Atlas
    Maps of each Region/Kingdom
    and Various villages, towns and the capitol City-States
    as well as various places of Interests

    I would appreciate any feed back, i know this may not be a normal means of requesting help, so bare with me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi there!

    Megan from Heavy Cat Studios. Not sure whether you are still searching for artists, but if you are we have several excellent artists who can work on this project.

    We've developed or co-developed 31 games, published 13 books and we have a creative library of over 70 original characters. And yes we have done maps before. If you need other non-map related artworks for your project, we can do that too. Visit heavycatweb dot net to see examples of our work, and e-mail creativity at heavycatweb dot net if you have questions. Our Skype ID is heavycatweb

    Thanks for reading! Also I couldn't access your first link - 404'd

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