On the map I'm having made, i need a river to move and flow like the amazon does. Twisting and winding and tons of little feeder rivers forming from the massive amounts of rain fall. What i need to figure out is what kind of changing to the land in that area i need for it to work the way i want.

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I know its wrong in there to some degree, the feeder rivers would flow into the main river heading east rather then north and south but its a good way to get the jist of what I'm looking for. Personally i don't understand how the amazon works, and i doubt i ever will. All i know is that it has a lot of rainfall to feed the river and other smaller rivers. And i assume the trees have something to do with why the river does its "snaking" thing.

Now though for my map is there anything to the land that needs to happen for that to work logically? (It is a world map and set fairly high up so if need be i wouldn't need to show the feeder rivers at all.) Should the mountains be taller?