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    I'm new to these forums. Found this place because I was looking for advice on designing and developing the maps for my world. I've always been a pen and paper map drawer and while I have tried the Fractal Terrains [Demo] I still enjoy the feel of the paper and pen.

    I draw my maps to the visual queues needed to make them easily 'read' the problem I have is I suck at scale.

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    Welcome to the Guild rentauri. Post some of your work up as soon as possible.

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    Welcome Aboard
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    Quote Originally Posted by rentauri View Post
    I've always been a pen and paper map drawer and while I have tried the Fractal Terrains [Demo] I still enjoy the feel of the paper and pen.
    Plenty of pen and paper mappers here, some of the better equipped are using drawing tablets to get that same pen and paper look and feel. I dabble in both digital map making and hand-drawn and sometimes together!

    I'm working on an isometric view town map referencing a digital 3D sketch I created to trace and hand-draw the details for this month's mapping challenge. You should get ahold of GIMP (free raster app) and start playing with digital maps. If you have a scanner, you can digitally enchance what you start with a drawing.

    Welcome, aboard!

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    Welcome rentauri. Hand drawn maps are always cool, and there is a big group of hand drawers here at the guild. I agree with GP though. I doesn't hurt to get to grips with graphics apps and many of the great ones are free.

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    Thanks all,

    I'll try and check out that program.

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