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    Post My first post!

    Hello. I am quite happy I stumbled upon this site. The reason I've joined is because I'm in the process of writing three introductory short stories leading up to three novels. I wanted to have a way to reference my fantasy world while writing my story. I have the world pencil sketched out but wanted something more vivid. I came across some of the maps a few folks did here. So over the last few days I have learned to use GIMP and Wilbur. I am also putting together a new tutorial, cause I've got some pretty cool things I'm. I'm probably not the first one to do it but I'll still post it for everyone.

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    Welcome to The Guild, The Mappiest Place on the Web

    Glad to see you jumping all in. please DO post the tut when you are finished with it, as well as the maps you are working on in the WIPs because you will get excelent advice for improving your maps. new tuts for the Gimp (or any other prog) are always welcome as some of ours are admittedly a few versions out of date. Definately workable, but some do need a bit of translation for the people using newwer versions. Even if there tuts treating simular subject matter, a new take is never a bad thing
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    Welcome to the Guild aclnevada! Wow, jumping in with some tuts huh? Well I definitely look forward to seeing them, along with your work.


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