Hey guys, I need a 45 hex high by 50 hex wide hex map of a sub-arctic volcanic island. Hexes are to be in appropriate colours for a sub-arctic region. Please keep the island actually looking like a plausible landmass, no overly blocky coastlines. If you want some inspiration look up some pictures of Newfoundland or the Falklands Islands to get the general gist of what I'm looking for.

So, I want a big landmass, but I also want a well defined shape. Keep in mind that what you produce will probably define how the campaign plays out geographically as I don't have a set idea of what I want it to look like.

I'm going to stress 'sub-arctic'. Imagine what the place would look like in summer, giant snow drifts? No. Snowcapped mountains? Yes. Some icebergs off the coast? Very yes.

I'd prefer it if you use hexographer, because that means I can edit the map as my campaign progresses. That being said I'm going to want those .hmx files.

Preferably you should have experience making hex maps, feel free to post examples of your work.

Payment will be via Paypal and will be to the sum of $5 Australian Dollarydoos, though I will probably pay more if you get it spot on.

Hex types required as follows:

  • Grasslands for general plains areas.
  • Hills for bare hilly areas.
  • Evergreen hills for forested hilly areas.
  • Evergreen mountains for forested mountainous areas.
  • Snowcapped Mountains/Mountains (preferably dark ones) for bare mountains.
  • Light/Heavy Evergreen for forested areas.
  • Badlands (make it a dark colour) for lava fields.
  • Sand Dunes (make it a light grey colour) for ash wastes.
  • Deep Sea for all water based hexes.
  • Icebergs off the coast, preferably to the south.
  • 2 active volcanoes and 4-8 dormant ones in plausible locations.
  • Maybe a reef somewhere.
  • A small marsh somewhere to the north.

Don't add any locations, icons, cities, roads or whatever, that's my job. Don't lazily clump diffrent terrains together, try to make it look natural if possible. Blending the colours to get a cohesive palate would also be nice, sort of like a gradual change from Mountain to Hill to Grassland sort of thing.

Feel free to ask me about stuff.

Why do I need you to do this?

Well, everytime I start using hexographer to make my island it never quite 'feels' right and I give up. You guys most likely have more experience with making maps than me and I feel like I've wasted enough time trying to get this done myself. I'm going back to uni in a few days as well, so I'm probably going to be too busy to attempt it at all.