Hello, I would assistance in turning a rough drawing of a continent I created into a realistic(ish) map. Can someone please provide some assistance?

Project Scope/Concept:
The main continent of the planet Pallos; a fantasy world I created for a novel I'm writing, and tabletop RPG based on it.

I would like to start with a better drawing of the map sketch I provide, preferably for use with something like Maptool, where we (I and cartographer(s) willing to assist) can create an overview of the continent, and then zoom in on individual regions to add city location markers, forested areas, rivers, etc, and perhaps eventually zoom in on individual capitol cities and provide maps. The cartographer(s) are welcome to add anything creative they want, so long as the general shape of the continent and relative location of kingdoms remains as close as possible.

Size and Colour: to be negotiated

Copyright: to be discussed. I definitely would expect the cartographer to have a least partial copyrights. As the planet is one I created, I would like to keep those besides myself and cartographer(s) from being able to make money on our project. The cartographer(s) would be welcome to display their work, of course, and credit will be given where credit is due.

Deadline: Flexible/Negotiable. No real rush on a finished project, but perhaps a basic outline within couple months?

Payment: I am poor but we can definitely negotiate something. I do plan to try publishing at least the novel(s), and therefore could possibly make money on this project, so a % commission is definitely on the table, as well as copy(ies) of the finished works. We can discuss any mandatory fee together?

Contact: Derek. Use my registered email, pyrogryphon(at)gmail(dot)com