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Thread: Starting hexagon GI Joe maps

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    Info Starting hexagon GI Joe maps


    more about me on , I designed some free Print 'n Play games and illustrated rulebooks long time ago. Now for my newest pet-project, I'd like to start designing a hexagon-based map to use with GI Joe Micro Force miniatures (by Hasbro).

    So I hope to find resources, tips and tricks here. Thanks!


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    Tips, Tricks and Tools for mapping we have aplenty here at the Guild, the Mappiest Place on the Web

    For Tips, post your work in the WIPs thereads (thats Work In Progress) and you will recieve all kinds of friendly c&c to get you from here to there...

    For Tricks look through the Tutorials Forum, for all kinds of techniques on creating a map. I would also suggest looking through the Finished Maps forum for insperation and see if there is a link to the WIP or tutorial.

    For Tools, look in the Map Resourses forum for all kinds of goodies

    Have fun and good luck with your project
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    Yup, what Korash said. Welcome to the Guild Toco, look forward to seeing your hex-map J.I. Joe project develop.


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