I am working on a World for a series of short stories and an RPG setting. I have been using this world for a while now, but have used maps from other settings as a quick way to jump into the game. I've always been interested in creating the world from scratch, but have had trouble making it feel realistic. The world would be about the size of earth, maybe a little bigger. It has a ring, which revolves around it as well as a single moon and a single sun.

I am not sure of the realistic implications that would result from having a ring that moves around the planet as the planet rotates within, but the ring rises and sets during the day just as the moon and sun would, maybe weeks during the year when the ring is not as visible and other times when it is a bright and brilliant light source in the night sky; occasionally it would even eclipse the sun. I do have a monthly calendar where the names of the Months reflect the Ring's position, but since i am not familiar with how this would actually present itself on a world, i could be completely wrong. I know i could always just contribute it to magic, and Magic would be a nice way to explain away a few things; i would rather not liter my science with too much unrealistic fantasy.

I would like to hear from anyone on this subject and perhaps enlist some to aid me while i create my world. I will be using Fractal Terrains 3 and CC3 to generate the landscape and will be posting WIP maps occasionally.