Hi everyone,

I'm currently in school pursuing a degree in Urban Planning with a focus on Geography and will be getting a professional certification in GIS.

As a transfer student and changing my major from Studio Art to Urban Planning, I am still catching up on courses for my major. Next fall I finally start GIS Fundamentals and Intro to Remote Sensing as well as American City Planning and Neighborhood Planning. So far I have taken Intro to Urban Planning and the Post WWII American City. This summer I'll be taking grant writing for planners.

I am currently looking for internships for the summer and I was just wondering if there were any suggestions or ideas for places I should look into. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of hands on GIS experience at this time. I am good at learning software and have years of experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Office, etc.

I have a list of local companies that have hired interns from my program locally and have selected a few that seem interesting, but I thought I'd see what, if anything, you all would think of. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.