Hi folks, and welcome to the April/May Lite Challenge. This month's challenge is thus:

Take a minor race that bothers adventurers when they're starting out and create a fiendish lair for them. It could be an abandoned temple repurposed by a tribe of kobolds, thick with traps; it could be a series of mines or caverns inhabited by goblins; it could part of a haunted forest protected by spiteful fey folk; it could be a ruined castle inhabited by a low-ranking necromancer and crawling with hordes of low-level undead. Go crazy!

Additionally, each entry must contain one or more of the following:

1) one watercourse (a stream, a canal, etc)
2) primary and secondary defenses (thought that poison-dart spitting statue was the only trap in the room? Surprise!)
3) two different means of entering the lair (could be a stealth method and a brute force method, for example)

Title each new thread March/April Lite Entry - <your title>

Precede each WIP image with the tag ### Latest WIP ###.

The challenge will end on or around the 13th of May, and the winner will receive a silver compass, and glory.