Hi everybody,

I'm not a cartographer but a German-Brazilian inventor, living in Munich. Looking for a way to reform the enigmatic house numbering in Japan, I've discovered the reason why quite a lot of people can't read maps, see http://www.volksnav.de/ToxicMaps.

Basing on the Japan solution, I've developed a search grid which could minimize these weak points, see www.volksnav.de/MagicGrid.

With this, the cartographer wouldn't be anymore a mere paper supplier and could influence signage, post codes, house numbers etc. within a city or a region. Examples can be found on Munich Orientation Convention

I'm looking for innovative, open minded and consumer friendly cartographers who would forget for a while the guild, give this innovation a chance and would dare to ask the customers if they would prefer maps without grids, with square grids or with a clock based grid.

So I'd like to post this and would appreciate a recommendation about an adequate forum and other tips. Thank you in advance and sorry for my international english.