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Thread: April/May Lite Entry - Troglodyte's Lair

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    Default April/May Lite Entry - Troglodyte's Lair

    Really like the challenge theme this month - just hope that real life doesn't keep me too busy to finish it. I've decided to map a small cavern that houses a small tribe of Troglodytes (around 30 excluding hatchlings). The cavern is situated beneath an Inn on the outskirts of a coastal fishing village. There are actually 3 entry/exit points - The first is through a well on the surface which drops about 50 feet into a larger pool of water (top right of the map). The second is a small dock (bottom left of the map) where you would sail into an alcove on the side of the cliff. The 3rd is a secret stairwell that runs from the basement of the inn to the top right of the map (not sure how to actually depict that yet). Ultimately, I plan on having a small trickling stream of water running through the map from the pool of water in the top right to the sea in the bottom left. I have a number of traps planned for this adventure (but, haven't figured out how i'm actually going to depict them - i.e. when you step on certain false steps you will break a jar of Trog Musk which will alert others of your presence.)

    Backstory - The cavern is an entry and storage point for a smuggling operation run by the Inn Keeper. He has found a way to manipulate the Trogs into protecting it and often disposes of meddling adventurers in the well (If all goes as planned - PCs would be drugged by the Inn Keeper and wake up falling into the dark cavern - they will need to fight/sneak their way through the lair to the safety of the dock).

    Made with CC3. I still need to work on the bevel effects so they are more gradual and cut down on the darkness of the stairs. I'm also not completely sold on the textures i'm using. Having said that - looking forward to any comments, suggestions, and criticisms you guys may have.

    ### LATEST WIP ###
    Click image for larger version. 

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