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Thread: New Map Pack - Fantasy Maps: Lighthouse and Dock

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    Default New Map Pack - Fantasy Maps: Lighthouse and Dock

    Hey folks, I have been working on a whole bunch of commissions over the past several months, so I kind of went dark for a while, but I finally freed myself and made a new map pack! As usual, I have print files, full support for VTT programs (versions of the maps with objects removed and all objects in a folder in .png format), and a Maptool campaign file with vision blocking and object layer set up. Feel free to check it out! Here's the cover image and a the text below.

    Fantasy Maps: Lighthouse and Dock Map Pack - D20 Cartographer | Fantasy Maps |

    Is the lighthouse a beachhead for the invading band of pirates? Did a roving group of kobolds take shelter in the tower during a storm and now refuse to leave? Has a master marksman barricaded the door, attempting to pick off the party from the upper level without ever letting them get close? Ready for a swashbuckling battle up the spiral staircase in dramatic fashion? With D20 Cartographer, the story is in your hands!

    Fantasy Maps are full-featured encounter maps designed to fit any traditional fantasy world. This release, Lighthouse and Dock features a five-story lighthouse, mapped both inside and out, near a small dock on the beach. With cozy furnishings for a resident lighthouse keeper, this can be the site of a information-gathering mission, or a tricky, multi-level combat encounter in close quarters. All maps are in typical 1 inch = 5 feet scale.

    Included for your convenience are several different formats:

    • Full-color maps in .jpg format
    • High-contrast black and white maps in .jpg format
    • PDF files with images sliced up over multiple pages for easy home-printing (compatible with both US Letter and A4 International paper)

    D20 Cartographer also supports virtual table top (VTT) systems and includes:

    • 100 DPI gridless map with objects removed
    • A folder with all ‘objects' in .png format for use on this map or reuse on your private maps
    • An RPTools MapTool VTT file (.cmpgn) with vision blocking and object layer set up for you

    Edit: For some reason I can't reply to my own thread! Regardless:

    Jaxilon: I am very pleased to have a window to work on this stuff again! Life gets busy sometimes, you know?! I've been doing pretty well, just working on other projects. Hopefully you'll see several map packs from me in the near future. I keep having this secret hope that I can get my maps making enough money that I can move to Prague and live a modest lifestyle reading, writing, drinking tea in quantities that would kill a lesser man, and of course mapping! We'll see if I ever get there.

    Arsheesh: definitely feel free to pick my brain any time you want! I can't say I'm fantastically successful, but I've learned a couple things here and there. A lot of the 'big dogs' here have been incredibly helpful to me in the past, too. On the bright side, it costs nothing but time to give selling on the marketplace a try. And I've seen your work: you would definitely have some buyers! And thanks SO much for the very kind words!
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    Whoa Bro, That looks awesome! Glad you were able to tear yourself away from commissions for this. It's wonderful to hear from you again as I've been wondering what happened to you.
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    Agreed. Fantastic work. Having toyed around with the idea of starting up my own line of Map Packs I've done a bit of armchair market research to see what's out there, and your work is some of the highest quality I've seen on offer in places such ad I may have to pick your brain at some point about where to begin if and when I do decide to self-publish. Wish you all the best in the sales.


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