The title is as accurate as I can describe it in a title thing - its not that I have difficulty learning the software I am using (CC3, FT3, Inkscape, GIMP) Its just I really don't know where to start to get into a good practice regime.

What works best for you guys?

Do you come up with the world first, and then work on a region?

For those of you who work with FT3, do you start with a region and then try to create it in FT3 to fit it into another world??

What tools do you find the hardest to master in each program, and which tools do you think are essential to practicing first?

Keep in mind, I do not care to do any physical/hand drawn work - I want to practice utilizing entirely digital means with GIMP and Inkscape being Post editing tools rather than initial concept tools. Thanks for any advice and wisdom you can share!