Hello everyone! Looking forward to learning some new ways to construct maps in Photoshop. Recently got an upgrade from Photoshop CS3 to CS6 Extended. Looking to refresh some of my CS3 techniques with CS6. Also, I'm looking into getting a Cintiq 21ux or 22hd to help with a lot of my projects (non-map related ones as well) and help facilitate better time management.

I've done roleplaying on RoleplayGateway.com (a collaborative writing site), have created custom Fire Emblem portraits, and a couple maps. I do play video games during my free time and currently am in school for business management. I plan on using that degree to start my own business after I get my BA.

My goals on this site are these:
~Learning new ways to do geography on overview landscape maps
~Learn how to create dungeon maps
~Learn how to create starship blueprint layouts
~Learn how to create building/town/city layouts
~Various Photoshop brush, texture, and pattern creation to help facilitate faster cartography pieces being completed.