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    Just discovered your group here and was happily intrigued with the level of skill. I have been dabbling with cartography for years. Started out with Profantasy Cartographer. Now I play Pathfinder with a group and the hardest part seems to be maps for our games. Soooo? I've decided to break back into mapping and such. BUT!! I see all these new programs and digital gaming options that it's hard to decide which way to go. Can some of you tell me what software you use and why you like it?

    I've been a Corel draw person forever (don't fire me) I see a lot of photoshop which I suppose I could learn to love but? why?

    Anyways glad to have joined and can't wait to converse with many of you.


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    Hi Bianca. Sounds like you'll fit right in! Corel Draw should be perfectly good to make maps with. Many of the tutorials can be adapted for different software with a bit of tinkering.



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