Hi everyone!

I'm new here, so this post will be my introduction post, and also a 'first map' post. I'm a 27 year old Norwegian RPG enthuiast, who have been playing a number of RPG games on and off for the past 14 years. I do some hobby photography and wanted to develop and utilize my photoshop skillset for more than just editing pictures, so for the past few days I have been tinkering on a map for the 3e D&D conversion of Birthright (a low fantasy, strategy rpg setting from the 90's) that I am running on a bi-weekly basis. The old 2E material simply did not meet the needs of the group, so I decided to make my own version of it. This is my first map in photoshop - a program I am completely new to in regards to drawing, so the many hints, tips, tricks I found here on The Cartographer's Guild proved invaluable. That is also why I want to share the map with you!

The map will be a continual work in progress, a map that will evolve as the players explore and conquer more and more of the land around them. The original map art for this part of the Birthright world was drawn by David C. Sutherland III (who is also known for drawing the cover art for the first edition Dungeon Master' Guide, and the 2nd ed. Monster Manual), and my work is largely based on his map art from the book 'King of the Giantdowns' from 1997.

I also want to thank Butch Curry for his video tutorials, CG resident Ramah for the TreeThing software and StarRaven over at DevArt for the map symbols.

And finally, here's the map:

Would love to get some feedback on it, just keep in mind that I am new to this