Hello all,

Raleigh Tabletop RPGs, a North Carolina-based Meetup for gamers, hosts an annual fantasy gaming event each July which uses a shared-world setting, the Crimson Boar Inn. The Crimson Boar and its inhabitants and regulars are a result of a massive crowdsourcing project conducted in 2011, and the setting is circulated to members for free - we will never use this setting as a money-making device unless recruited to do so for a charity event.

We are seeking a cartographer to draw a map of the Crimson Boar Inn based on a loose set of dimensions and our room descriptions. Although a conceptual map is available for reference if required, our preference would be for the Inn to be drafted from scratch using only the descriptions.

Our minimum requirements for this project are as follows: The final map must be rendered in black-and-white on a 5-foot grid, similar to maps printed in mid-1990s issues of Dungeon magazine. Rooms on the map should be numbered to match the key given in the room descriptions. We would like the image to be of a high-enough resolution and quality that we could produce a print copy to scale (1 square=1 inch) for use as a battle map if the need arises.

We would be interested in commissioning a full-color map as well, if you would like to provide pricing for both black-and-white and color map renderings. Bear in mind, however, that as we are a small non-profit gaming club, our budget is limited.

Raleigh Tabletop RPGs must be given exclusive copyright ownership of the final work product for this project, although we certainly realize that the creator may wish to retain limited reproduction rights in order to feature the work in their portfolio, and we are amenable to such a request.

The final deadline for this project is 11:59pm on June 26th, 2013. Please respond to this thread if you are interested in taking on this project, and thanks in advance for your consideration!

Many Thanks & Best Regards,

Richard E. Moore
Assistant Organizer, Raleigh Tabletop RPGs