Hello all,

My name is Richard Moore, and I am an assistant organizer for a Raleigh, NC-based Meetup of roleplaying gamers. Our group, Raleigh Tabletop RPGs, is one of the most active Meetups in the country and has been featured twice on Meetup.com's homepage.

In addition to my volunteer work as an organizer for RTR, I am also an editor and freelance writer for Jon Brazer Enterprises, a 3rd party publisher for the Pathfinder RPG. My portfolio as an editor includes numerous products in the Shadowsfall campaign setting line, as well as the Multifarious Munitions line of books. I am also the author of The Book of Beasts: War On Yuletide, and more of my work will be featured in our upcoming full-color monster book, Legendary Foes, available at GenCon 2013.

I'm here to commission work for cartographers as needed for both non-profit and commercial purposes, and I hope some of you will take up some of the projects that I post!

Many Thanks & Best Regards,

Richard E. Moore