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Thread: ... Make Well Eroded Mountains for a heigh-tmap (in Photoshop).

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    Help ... Make Well Eroded Mountains for a height-map (in Photoshop).

    I have a pretty good technique that I like. You can check out 2 examples here:


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BeachPlanet.jpg 
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    The problem is this technique is procedural. That's great if you have no idea the sort of world you want. It yeilds some great results. If you want to put down some moutains in a specific area... that's a problem I have come up with a couple half assed work arounds, but remembered Bryce.

    I have a background in 3d Modeling, and got my start in Bryce (and quickly moved away from it). It had a feature where you could paint blobs in it's terrain editor and then hit a button (several times) and "errode" them.

    Is there a filter, or a workflow that will do the same in Photoshop? It's very important that this work with a heightmap; as that's the base of my technique (more on that later).

    Any info you have is appreciated.

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