First let me introduce myself, my name is Ryan and I am a recently graduated English Major about to write my first book. This is a paid job, I will be upfront and let you know I am not looking for the most detailed map because I don't have the money for that yet. This would just be concept work that I can start the creative writing process with a series of locations I can reference. I will be looking for more detailed maps for the novel once I have some ideas for locations withing the three main landmasses. I will leave it up to the artist to put their own touch on the coastal, arctics, jungle, deserts... ect. I wish for it to be geographically correct based on our worlds size, but with 3 land masses, 1 to be about 2/3 the size of Europe, except imagine it rotated 90 Degrees clockwise and rounded out somewhat so its not jutting out north and south so much. Land Mass 1 should be located to the east on the map, covering 2/3 of the right side of the map (Horizontally and Diagonal) with a long coast line with a few bays and ports ect. The back of this land mass should end about a inch from the furthermost right of the map so the backside is visible with a ocean filling out the rest to its East. Landmass 2 is On the western side and I would like it more Northwest and a good distance across the ocean from Landmass 1, about the same size as Iceland but with only the northernmost tip (1/5 of the total size) actually arctic, and warmer climates the further south you go. The distance between Land 1 and 2 is roughly the distance between South America and Africa. You will have freedom to make this more to your style, that's why I am asking for help because this is not my thing. I only have the general ideas feel free to do with them what you please. In the middle of the ocean between them, I want a large Island (Think Australia) with some few smaller islands around it. Because I want this is be fair for the money, I don't mind if only the main island is made and I will plot the rest for later on. I am a writer and this is my first book that I am going all out on. Later on I would like to keep the same artist to do more detailed maps and designs and that would be for copyright use and royalties will be paid. If this sounds interesting let me know please I can pay through Paypal, I am not sure the going rates all too well for this amount of work but lets start at $20 and if anyone will do it cheaper let me know, if not I will increase til first person takes it. BTW: I am not a annoying person, or rude at all, I am a businessman and I believe you should let a artist work. I expect the person to do the job but not if its not fair to them or the money offered is too low for what I asked, if this is the case please understand its because i'm a newb to this and am not trying to low ball anyone, so let me know if that's the case and I will work something out with one of you amazing artists. You guys rock.