Complete noob here, both to this site and to mapping/photoshop CS2 (which I probably should get a more updated version of sometime).

Curious if there's a good way to create a rough world map, but in a way so you can zoom in on a part of a continent to do country/kingdom maps, zoom in even more and do a town map, etc.. without having to redraw it by hand each time you do a more detailed map of an area. Since I personally lack any form of ability to draw, I doubt I could accurately recreate the intricacies of coastlines, rivers, etc just as they were on the world map. I know if I attempted that now I'd just get very pixely outlines if i attempted to blow up part of an overall worldmap to do a town map, for example.

Not sure if I'm making any sense.. Basically I want to create a worldmap, then later on use parts of that world map to make a country map, parts of those to make town and city maps, etc without all the coastlines and rivers and such being completely different looking from the original map, due to having to draw them from scratch each time.

Any help would be appreciated.