I would like to extend a plea for a map of a region I have in mind. Unfortunately, I am not very artistic (not at all). I can provide details but will start with this. The map will be a region made up of a costal eastern region (province of the Eastern Rim), a Hilly north western region (Province of the Highlands), and a south western region of farmlands and flatlands (Povince of Ruindil Valley). The whole area is collectively known as the Spires Valley surrounded to the west and south by a mountain range (the Spires Mountains) and to the North and east by a large body of water (ocean) called the Blue Veil. Anyone interested please leave a message here and I will get back to you. I have a couple of cities and ruins areas identified as well. The region should take two weeks to cross east to west and one week north to south. Hope to hear back from someone soon.

Very Respectfully,
Matt Martin