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Thread: WIP -- Unnamed Continent

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    Wip WIP -- Unnamed Continent

    I am new to this mapping thing, so I started by working through some of tutorials on the site. I really liked the look of Ascension's Atlas Style maps, so I decided to use that style for a map of a fictional continent that I came up with as a setting for adventure stories that I plan to write for my kids to read.

    I use GIMP so I used Giide's GIMP translation of Ascension's tutorial. This is what I have so far.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I am not quite happy with the mountains in the middle of the continent. I would like more of an elongated, continental divide look. I may mess around with them a little more. I may also mess around with the continental shelf to make it more irregular.

    I have the major rivers in place, but I still need cities, nations, etc. Plus I have to come up with names for everything. I may have my kids do that part.

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    That looks good so far. I especially like the coloring and terrain on that bottom continent.

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    Wip Second version

    I kept the same rough continental shape, but I have redone the mountains to make them more extensive. I like it a lot better. Now there are a couple of river valleys with steep sides that make for interesting story possibilities.

    I also changed the land color gradient so that the arctic region is smaller and the desert region is larger, and I increased the size of the continental shelf and made it irregular to more accurately mimic reality.

    Click image for larger version. 

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