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Thread: Silembria

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    Map Silembria

    First post by me on this forum

    The attached map shows a coastal region bordered by two mountain chains in the east and north and a river to the west.

    Working resolution was 2000x2000 and the map is made in Gimp and Inkscape. Thanks to RobA of this forum for inspiration and Andrew Law for his tutorial on mountains []

    feedback and comments are greated with great thanks
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    I like it. It feels free and unconstrained.

    You might add some blue for the rivers and seas but the style is very pleasing. If the white ribbons are rivers you may want to disconnect the two systems where they join above the central forest. ROBA is the recognized river cop but I think the water in that joining section (right above the central forrest) would either go east or west towards one of the river mouths. I don't think it would stay continuous river across the middle.

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    thanks for your thoughts Sigurd

    The white ribbons is supposed to depict the major rivers of the region, and as you say it could need some color to be better defined

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    I gotta agree with Sig on the crosspiece of the "H" shaped river system. If the river actually had hard enough rock or high enough ground to split it that way, then one of the forks would die off in favor of the path of least resistance. Overall though, it's very clean and right on target, look good, feels good.

    Keep it up

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    I'm starting to agree with Sigurd aswell the "middle" river segment has for the better part become a pain when I started to mark the map with communities and so forth.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurvstol View Post
    I'm starting to agree with Sigurd aswell

    AH wonderful, that makes 2! Only 6,704,845,724 to go for world accord.


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    Nice map composition, over-all. As pointed out, the cross connected rivers are so unlikely, there is less than a handful of such cases in the real world. If, however, it is some form of man-made connection/canal, then keep it.

    Also, were the rivers in Inkscape? I would be nice if they tapered, and got wider as they progressed. I can give some suggestion on how to accomplish that if so.

    -Rob A>

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    The river was supposed to be natural in my original thought, so it is now gone
    I'm uploading the revised map (with some additions as roads and communities)

    With that said the map is finished on my part

    Still, I would really like to hear your suggestions on the river-tapering in Inkscape RobA, since the map is the start of a D&D-campagin I intend to create and Silembria will have neighboring realms
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    That is a very nice looking map.
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    thank u NeonKnight

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