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Thread: April/May Lite Entry - Vicinato Spavento

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    Wip April/May Lite Entry - Vicinato Spavento

    "We're the Malvagios. We own this neighbourhood."

    Southwest of the palazzos and villas where the children of the ruling elite indulge their hedonism, north of the canals that bring goods to the Commercio district, and just past the quieter end of the bustling Piazza Mercato where the city trades its goods lies the Vicinato Spavento, a quiet little neighbourhood of closed doors and shuttered windows. A few citizens of the city know this as a place to come to get things that can't be found anywhere else. Farina Malvagio sells bread and pastries that rival anything the nobles are eating. A few of her special customers know about the back room and the small but expensive "spices" she sells there. What makes her flour so wonderful? Old Cibo Malvagio's shop usually has good cuts of meat at surprising prices and if you come after dark he might be able to dispose of some spoiled meat for you. Off the main road the more daring visitors find Tesoro Malvagio's Banco which always seems to have the most interesting and rare trinkets on its tables. No point in asking where they come from, Tesoro never tells. Those with more secretive needs might find the Sicarios nearby, a close-knit band of Malvagio brothers and sisters who can make particular sorts of problems disappear. Permanently.
    Not long ago the Magistrate Avaro, concerned that some of his own missing property might be for sale at Tesoro's, sent his personal guard in to the neighbourhood to take back what was his. Sadly Avaro has fallen on hard times lately, and his guards have not been seen since the night they took their swords to Vicinato Spavento.

    I might be pushing the rules for this challenge a bit, so if a family with criminal leanings doesn't fit the bill, do let me know. I'm going to use this as an opportunity to try out some mapping techniques that I need to get sorted.

    This is just my rough layout in Illustrator before I start pulling layers over to Photoshop to make it look like something. I also get to try out one of my variant cobblestone brushes!

    ### LATEST WIP ###
    Click image for larger version. 

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