I am in need for a theatre for an adventure I will be running this fall.

I have the adventure and some scanned pen and ink drawings that I would like someone to turn into better maps that I can use in my VTT.

The time frame is far enough out there should not be a problem for anyone.

Type & Number of maps:
The theater concept is complete so tracing the layout and adding appropriate fill and textures is really all that is required.
There are six drawings total although half are for open area seating or the stage area.

300 dpi minimum. Jpg, tiff, or png files
Full color

Remains with cartographer I will only be using this for my personal game. I encourage posting a work in progress thread so that the Guild can see the work under way.

I would like to have this wrapped up sometime in August if possible but I am flexible on that time frame as this adventure will be run sometime in the fall or later.

I would like to budget $25 US for this project


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