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Thread: Amelia's Grove WIP

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    Default Amelia's Grove WIP

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    Working on a city for a campaign. It's current population is 23,450 and is approximately 167.5 acres. The picture posted is a rough draft. Critiques and advice appreciated

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    Nice layout.
    However, when I see "Amelia's Grove", I actually read "Amelia's Groove", and think of something like this.

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    coming along nicely. i like the small 'offshoots' of the river on the left - canals?

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    Looking good so far. Looking forward to more progress on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vorropohaiah View Post
    coming along nicely. i like the small 'offshoots' of the river on the left - canals?
    More or less. I've seen other people do this in their maps and I thought it was a nice touch. My biggest question now is "satellite" or "old-school map?" I appreciate the feedback, y'all

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    Quite a challenge. I'll have to acquire some references <.<

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    So, I decided to go full hand-drawn and, to do so, figured that an enlargement was appropriate... This may take me a minute. Sorry for the crappy cellphone pics; my scanner is too small

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    The hand-drawn re-scaling is very impressive, Pariah. I would likely have scanned the small version, blown it up in photoshop, and printed the larger map in sections (if it's too big to fit on printer paper) and taped them together on the back side, then traced it all onto my chosen paper with a light box. In fact, I did such a thing with a large Island map I've been picking away at since January. I give you kudos (and reps) for doing it the properly old fashioned way!

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    Many thanks, Chashio. Incidentally, 1/4 of the reason I did it this way is because my printer is also out of ink at the moment -_- The other 3/4's is because I never thought to do it that way O.o

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