I was pleasantly excited at seeing that the lite challenge for this month was a battlemap, since battlemaps are as close as I have to a specialty when it comes to map making.

For centuries, the elite of Naltan buried their dead in monumental mausoleums. However, the city of Naltan was annihilated long ago and as the surviving noble bloodlines died out the tombs ceased to be visited and were stripped of their furnishings and valuables. Now, the empty ruin has begun swarming with undead, far more than there were ever bodies interred there. What has happened to the ancient dead? Who is causing this infestation? Are there any adventurers who can stop it?

### LATEST WIP ###
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This is just the first of three planned floors (two floors above ground and a crypt). I am not sure how much dungeon dressing to include, since I generally make my battle maps with a minimum of clutter beyond walls and floor, but for the challenge I might pretty things up a bit. I also am not sure if I like the aesthetic of I have going with the gridlines; I thought it would look cool, but it wound up just kind of looking sloppy. More tinkering to come.