After much thinking over it, I decided to take the advice and start a WIP tread.
The project is a world for fantasy rpg, it started a few years ago to support a gurps campaign jointly DMed with my husband. At the time we hand sketched a continental map (terribly out of scale) and several regional, town and dungeon maps. These maps should be still in our possess, but I think they are in storage at the moment, following our recent move in London. In the hope to continue the project and digitalize it, we purchased some time ago a Profantasy CC3+CD+DD package, but what the software didn't give us was time and perseverance
In this moment of my life I think I really need some creative output and I'd really like to learn something new, so here it comes back the old project.

To start with I think I'll follow the mentoring Vellum is doing with Socks. I hope it will help me clear my mind on what steps to take.
As for the software, I think I'll stick with CC3 and GIMP, since they are not completely unfamiliar to me and I don't want to complicate things further trying to learn new software on top of the technique

Forgive my english, I'm in England 6 years now but I still make my mistakes

p.s.: first sketches soon to come, with brief of the idea.