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Thread: Maptool does Zoom Zoom Zoom!

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    Post Maptool does Zoom Zoom Zoom!

    There used to be a slight zooming limitation with Maptool - that has changed.

    (Note: these videos will be choppy when viewed the first time. Wait for them to fully download first and then watch them.)

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    These are simply amazing and cool! I'm so glad that MT can do this now. The CGWP could benefit form this ability I would think. Thanks for posting those demos!
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    I'm a going to run, not walk, to check this out for myself. Looks super cool!

    Any chance we could see the source files to figure out how this is done?


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    Note that there is still some quirkiness when working at the extremes that need to be ironed out. This build removes the zoom limits, following builds will make it more intuitive to work at the different zooms.

    The source code is always available:

    There are also instructions for checking out the entire project and running the dev version in the forums.

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    Just interpolated scaling and hardware assisted rendering to go and your caught up with ViewingDale !

    Seriously tho - nice work.

    (Aw c'mon you didn't expect me to stay schtum on this one !!!)

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    My first thought was - This is really cool.

    My second thought was -- its still not ViewingDale.... .

    But then I went back to 'really cool'.


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