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Thread: A new small fantasy map for city street

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    Default A new small fantasy map for city street

    Hi all !

    A new map for fantasy rpg !
    Have fun to play guys.

    Une nouvelle batlemap pour une scène en ville | Le parchemin de Nyogtha


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    nice work on this nyogtha

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    Nice stuff. Is that a giant still?

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    No No Larb its hard tea as it has a teapot LOL Please refrain from corrupting the young ones

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    Really nice map which is very helpful for me specially nice work on it hope you make more map with the help of peoples..Nice sharing...
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    Thanks all for messages !
    A giant teapot :p LOL ! you have discover my secret !!!
    I do my best to improve my work. Thanks all for sharing maps, battlemaps, ... it gives ideas and help to keep working !

    RPG's Blog : "Le Parchemin de Nyogtha"

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    Its looking really good, nyogta!

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    Thanks Mkerr for your message
    RPG's Blog : "Le Parchemin de Nyogtha"

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