I'm very happy to have posted two maps in a day. I did this one in about an hour with only a sharpie and a ruler.

While making this one, I didn't focus on perfection for a change. Instead, I made it into a fun experiment. I like the way I added thickness to the walls (it doesn't withdraw attention from anything or make the map as a whole look to heavy). The cliffs also looked good in my opinion.

I almost forgot to add in bedrooms, and (as I had filled up the paper) decided to run the sleeping quarters underneath the Library and the Dining Hall. It was effective, but I could have probably made it look better had I remembered earlier and intended it to be underground in the first place.

My map posted earlier today is a challenge map (please check it out --> http://www.cartographersguild.com/cu...nt-cavern.html) and included a pit of fire in one of the corners. I liked this fire pit and added one into the dining hall. I suppose that means there shouldn't be a bedroom below that corner. :P

In addition, the secret study is underground. Rather than dip into the Earth, the Earth raises up with a steep hill at that location. You'll notice there are lot of cliffs, ledges, and terrian altitude changes in the map - I wanted a rough, "weathered" look, and I hope I achieved just that.

Now to the fun part - the castle (and the village to the south that I plan to make later) is overrun with the undead!! Thus the Castle may be called Bleak. Needless to say, the garden is becoming a bit unkempt.

Alright, I've typed enough. I'm on the verge of making this map my challenge entry instead of my original. Let me know what you think about that.

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Thanks to all, feel free to comment, critizise, like, rep, or anything else. Your advice is what can make me better.