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    Really awesome site, a link from the Obsidian Portal forums sent me over here. Really looking forward to making the switch from hand drawn maps to using some software and this looks like the perfect forum to make that transition.

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    Welcome to the Website! I am new as well. I look forward to seeing your maps. I found this place a long time ago by following the footprints of a map that came up on google image search. I've been lurking this website ever since and thought I should sign up as a member, being the fan that I am. :3 Hope you find what you are looking for around here. They seem very helpful and packed full of advice and tools for the trade.

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    I definitely second what Caralel said. There are a lot of diverse styles and levels of expertise represented here. The best thing to do is probably find a tutorial to get you started on the kind of map you want to build, get it going and then post it as a work in progress. And have fun!


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