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Thread: What is in a City!!!

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    Default What is in a City!!!

    Hey Everyone,

    I am only new to all this. I have had a large interest in maps and mapping for some years, mainly thanks to my Father. Sadly he has passed away too soon and has left me with all of his hand drawn maps, which is amazing with such detail. This has urged me into mapping as some sort of Hobby. I have bought CC3 with CD3 as well as Fractal Terrains 2or3 i forget... My main focus right now is creating a grand city and I have some idea as to what I want it to look like. But I need some help, and what better place to get help then from this great community. What I ask of you is to help me list what a grand medieval type city needs and generally where certain building would be situated, for example, would the temple me placed close to the Lord's Keep or on the other side of the city.

    I know it may not be much to go on, but any help would be much appreciated!!!


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    there was a thread around here about a month ago with a pretty comprehensive list of building and things you might find in a city... though i cant seem to find it. ill keep on trying

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    No worries... I got it! All of these professions have their own buildings (well, mostly). Remember one person might do multiple things.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I found this quite helpful when I started. If you're a numbers guy, you might like it. The full book is a fantastic read.

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    Also, this website has an interesting chart about halfway down that will help you estimate the approximate number of things, such as taverns or doctors, based on the population of the city.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lalaithion View Post
    Also, this website has an interesting chart about halfway down that will help you estimate the approximate number of things, such as taverns or doctors, based on the population of the city.
    Shiny. Nice find.

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    thanks for help... I'll be sure to post the finished product when I am happy with it!

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    Why wait 'til you have a finished product? We have a great community here that just BEGS for the opportunity to help people improve their maps and by posting your Work In progress in the WIPs you would be helping to satisfy their cravings... Either post it here or create a new thread with the work and I am sure you will get all kinds of suggestions/critiques/praises as you may need or desire.
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    What kind of city? For a fantasy city, the population breaks down into:

    Drunk barroom brawlers 15%
    Barkeeps 1%
    Barmaids 2%
    Beggars 12%
    Town Guards 4%
    Mysterious Strangers 2%
    Harlots 10%
    Shopkeepers 3%
    Craftsmen 2%
    Wizards, Kings, and Misc. 1%
    Thieves 48%

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    This is the first update... It doesn't have a name just yet.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This town/city isn't going to be your typical town/city with a heap of slums and low end parts of the town/city... there still will be those parts, but for the most part it is a fairly well off town/city.

    The island in the middle holds the Lord's Keep with the supporting buildings. These include the workers housing, kitchen house, docks and stables.

    The large building within the walls to the west of the Keep is the Temple with the Chaplains Quarters the small building in between the trees

    To the north of the Keep within the walls are the Barracks and Archery Range as well as the Army Stables.

    Then the buildings to the immediate south of the Keep are some of the living quarters for the local population. This includes a couple of marketplaces and Inn's. You will notice some of the housing has fencing, living here are some of the most well off families.

    If you are wondering why there are a fair few rich families in this city, there are other towns and villages in the surrounding area that supply the income to the town/city and the more better off people and families ave earned their way into living in this town/city.

    I hope you all like the look of it... and please any help would be great.

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