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    Help To build a world map

    I have a request that may be a little strange, im a writer, in the middle of working on a book that i hope to get published, so ill need the copyright to the map however you can retain use of it for portfolio's and such, however, as i cannot atest to my book actualy geting published, other than my hopes and dreams of it doing so, i can only pay you if i get published, we can come to a deal on the price, and when i get published ill pay you set your price,
    now ive drawn a bit of a map
    The world is called Lyranar, and is made up of the major kingdoms,
    Anstyaura, is the northern most kigdom and controled by humans,
    Athos, The orignal land of elves, and is covered in forests, "your typical syilvan glade
    New Athos, After a civil war amongst the elves New athos was founded, its again covered in forsts however less so than Athos,
    Festori, A jungle kindom,
    BlackReach, cut off fromt eh rest of the world by a ring of impentrable mountains *raised by magic after a war thousands of years ago.* it is a

    Some important places/ areas to the story which need to be represented on the map are,

    the sunken city of osirin which on my map is the swirly bit in the bottom left corner,
    The sea of fallen stars,
    The plains of dust, which seprate the east and west sides of the map it is home to barbarian tribes and littered with the bones "ruins" of ancientkindoms,
    the wild nothing which is a huge glacier to the north, it is the location of the well of souls
    The mountains of Koda V'el which are home to the dwarvish kingdom,
    the desert of Airiamoor, which is not presant on my map because i suck at drawing maps and forgot to put it there,
    the forest of time, its were dragons go to die, it should be remote, but its actual location isnt to important,

    I guess what im asking for is some one to hlep me build the world map, and i know its alot, but if you help me ill worship you like a god and most deffintely pay you when i get published,
    as for style, i wish it tot feel like an old map
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