im thinking of buying a new pc specifically for use with photoshop - ive been using a compaq laptop for all my needs for the past few years and even though ive upgraded RAM as far as it goes (8gb) im still having problems, most likely due to the relatively non-existent graphics card.

i have no idea how to build a pc but i have some friends who can do that for me, but they know nothing about PS (PS6 in my case) so they dont know whats important and what not, so i thought id check here.

i generally use ps for the maps i post here, and many of those are pretty large 14400px x 21600 with lots of layers (especially once i get going on my labels). i wouldnt mind some 3d options (as it is just cant do anthing 3d with PS), particularly with spheres and skins to make globes. gaming isnt really an issue. if it fits in the budget an ssd would be nice, even if at least to run windows

can anyone offer any suggestions for a build bugeted around €500 - 600 (incl keyboard and mouse)?