Hey guys, lately, I've vectored a few of my map sketches. One of them being this bizarre cluster of small and large islands (I have a thing for isles, what can I say?) where I basically threw out a bunch of shapes onto my drawspace before an economics class started, you can see it here:
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Thing is though, when I was vectoring it, I realized I wasn't particularly enjoying the shape the cluster was forming, as it clearly was designed to fit the page rather than feel natural. Not that my world is naturally formed by any means (Soni was carved from stone by Dragons of Divine nature - or Asarahn - over a course of 300 years, but they would still be artistic about it)

So I took a measure to reconfigure a certain way myself, but I got the idea that it would actually be a lot more interesting and fun if I brought it forth to you guys and see what you could come up with. I have the Illustrator document readily available to download here and for those that don't have illustrator, just cut out the pieces, twist, turn, expand, shrink, however you like. I'm eager to see what you guys could do with it if you're willing.

Here's what I came up with an an example:
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