Well, I'm back at it.

I've taken one of the free maps offered in the D&D supplement (Stronghold Builder's Guide) and wanted to make a better version of a guard house or barracks.

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So I picked the top left room with the green bunks and started to add some details.

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The first floor was easy to construct. I just duplicated the basic room, tossed in a set of stairs from the web and a landing to access the second floor. Since this is its own building, I added fireplaces in each room to keep the guards warmed in the winter months (I've been told that warm guards are happy guards and that happy guards mean a safe keep.) I also added a front porch for the structure with support beams (for the porch above) and simple split rails. With a few lanterns to keep things well lit the first floor was done.

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For the second floor I continued the basic design and added fireplaces and a second floor porch (hey, guards might want to take their ease after their shift and the barracks are quite small). The chasm left by the stairs that climb up to the second floor were blocked by a rail with a second support bar hanging over the space to support a lantern.

I could use this building inside a keep or perhaps in a town.

Feel free to use if you like.