Wow, you guys are prolific! Which is great...however, it also means if there's already a thread answering my question, I haven't been able to find it.

I'm not a mapmaker, and I'm neither artistically nor mathematically gifted, so I'm not really looking to become one. However! I am pretty interested in the development of cartography through the years. I'd like to read something relatively technical about the subject.

I recently acquired a book called The Mapmakers by John Noble Wilford, which I'm hoping will sate my curiosity, but I haven't started reading it yet and am not entirely sure if it's what I was looking for. (Just flipping through it, it's primarily text. I was hoping it would have more graphical examples of cartographic-improvements-in-action.)

Anyway, stumbling upon this forum, it seems like its members are the perfect people to ask for suggestions! I'd by grateful to review any reading material which might be what I'm looking for. I had a rough time on Amazon, mostly just finding collections of maps. There were a few textbooks, as well, but I don't recall seeing any that charted the course improvements in the field over the ages.