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Thread: Draft maps for 7 city areas in a Film Noir / hardboiled detective style for a RPG

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    Post Draft maps for 7 city areas in a Film Noir / hardboiled detective style for a RPG


    Hi there,

    First of all... some amazing maps here! I'm so glad to have found this website.

    Commission / Subject

    I would like to respectfully request an artist's time and effort for the creation of seven draft maps for different city areas. One main overview map that would give readers a general overview of the city and its areas / districts. Next, six area / district maps which each has its own distinct type and is of course part of the city as a whole.


    The maps are for use in a Player's Guide for an RPG which is set in a Film Noir / hardboiled detective style environment with heavy emphasis on all of the cliches. The maps would therefore have to have a Film Noir / 1930s - 1940s style. The book itself and therefore the maps would be greyscale. Those are the only real style requirements.

    Quality & Size

    The initial draft maps can be any quality. The final maps would have to be (semi) professional quality and suitable for print. Vector format is preferred because that would allow for easier scaling if required, but I'm open to suggestions on that part.

    These draft maps would, in a later stage, have to be expanded / finished in a print-ready form for inclusion in the Player's Guide. The final book would be roughly US Letter / A4 in size for the pages. The main overview map can be spread over two such pages while each of the area / district maps would be about full page (excluding margins) in width and roughly half a page in height.

    Time Constraints

    There are no heavy time constraints as the book itself is scheduled for publication in September 2014. However, to meet deadlines the final quality maps would have to be available around May 2014 and these draft maps would preferably be available no later than September 2013.

    Of course I won't say no to earlier delivery. ;-)


    Negotiable to an extent. I have no money to pay for either the draft maps or the finalized ones. However, I will clearly mention your name in the credits of the book and other forms of communication like the game's website. I'm also willing to include a URL in the credits if it points to a professional quality homepage for the artist.

    If the book actually makes a decent profit, I can offer a financial compensation at that time if desired. Should the game prove popular, return work would be required but will at that time most likely be fully paid.


    Negotiable to an extent.

    I would like global and eternal reproduction rights to the maps. The artist can retain copyright of the maps. I will have the right to use the images for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.

    Contact Details

    I've auto-subscribed to this topic and I can also be reached through email:

    <email removed>

    (remove the -- and convert "at" to @ and replace [dot] by .)
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    This commission has been taken.

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