So, one of these days I was riding the metro when it occurred to me that it could be interesting to try and make a sea trade route map much like the typical metro map. Rather than accurately depicting all the actual curves and distances, this kind of map in mostly interested in showing the location of the stations and how they interact.

So, in this map I'll be depicting a huge chunk of meandering seashore that I'll have to straighten out so that the ports where the ships call and their order are the main aspect. Not sure if this is an actual style, or just a stupid idea, but it felt like it was worth a shot.

Here's an old map of mine (NOT part of the WIP) with the region I'll represent in this challenge. I added red dots to the locations of the main ports I want to represent, and the big one on the left corner is Torana, the metropolis.

Not sure if my idea is clear, hopefully I'll be able to work on it tonight and you guys will see what I mean!

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